Feng Shui Interior/Exterior Design

When you hire me as your Interior Designer, you will get the benefit of my professional experience. I will solve your problems, work out designs and put a new perspective on any ideas you may have. I will help you avoid costly mistakes while creating attractive, affordable designs for your living space or office. Each design will be specifically tailored to meet your lifestyle needs.

In addition to the above I have knowledge of products, materials and finishes, and the expertise to plan, schedule, execute and manage your project from start to finish.

Feng Shui is used in the design process to enhance the success of my work by taking into consideration the energies of the person/s living in the space and the energies within and outside of the space.

Feng Shui can be used effectively to attract health, happiness, a partner, children, better business prospects, and the type of wealth you desire. It is the secret behind all successful people. To initiate the change required, it may be as simple as placing a water feature, plant or symbol in a prominent and significant place in your home or office.

Water features in Feng Shui are very effective to start things flowing such as a relationship or a business. To energize that part of your life the water feature has to be place in either the relationship section or the business section of your home or office.

The Consultation Process

1. Free Telephone assessment/quotation

I will ask questions to ascertain your requirements and the cost involved.

2. Home Visit

I will visit your home to discuss your requirements. The redesign process will be planned and I will include the Feng Shui needed to instigate the life style changes desired.

I will need A4 floorplans of the property and any garden/grounds, dates of birth (along with location and hour) of all occupants. I also need clear instructions of what you intend to achieve and what you desire.

I will discuss the chi of the area and use the compass to discover your auspicious directions, which will then be used to get the energies working in your favour.

Auspicious dates and times will be provided to increase the likelihood of the desired effect.

3. Date for work to be undertaken

A date will be arranged for the full Feng Shui consultation and the redesign of your living/office space. A quotation will be sent and a 25% deposit is required as well as the travel expenses. I charge £30 an hour and traveling time is charged at £15 an hour.

4. Feng Shui Follow Up

For up to three months after the Feng Shui consultation there is a free follow up service over the phone or by email. This is to ensure that the Feng Shui process is working and changes, however small, are beginning to take place. After this time all consultations will be charged at £30 an hour.