Fresh Forest Truffles

It all started when I was walking the neighbour’s dogs in my favourite coastal forest. High on the cliffs the forest traps the sea air and has the atmosphere of mystery and magic surrounding the trees and plants. Everything that is ancient and noble either skirts or lives in this forest from the wild life, to church ruins and even a castle. Most people walk along the forest paths to other destinations and do not see what I see. They do not feel the presence of the unseen and accidentally come across something scampering along the path in front of them, or see a magical blue light leaning against a tree. This is a forest filled with secrets, a forest so full of energy that you can feel and hear the vibrations of life hidden at every turn.

On this particular day I was admiring the snowdrops, when I looked up I saw fungi on the trunk of a tree and on the fallen branches that looked like truffles. Thinking they were the real thing, I made a few phone calls, only to discover that truffles grow beneath the soil around the roots of trees. This didn’t dampen my adventurous spirit and on the next walk with the dogs, I took my citrine pendulum and a trowel. After digging around the roots of that particular tree and a few others, I found what I was looking for... TRUFFLES!

Unfortunately I have not been able to train my neighbour’s dogs to sniff out the truffles and the only pigs I have are guinea pigs. This means my forest truffles are rare and hard to come by and therefore I do not have a large supply to sell. Ahh, you are thinking, this will put the price up, not necessarily, I go walking every week and usually find a little of what I want.

25g                 £40.95
50g                 £70.95
70g                 £90.95
100g               £130

Packaging and carriage costs are extra depending on the destination.

Enjoy the best the forest has...