About the Author/Artist and her Books

Hi I’m Penny, or if you want to be more formal Penelope Rollinson. I write books and also paint the illustrations. These pictures can be purchased on cards, gift tags, wrapping paper or as framed or unframed prints. I also do a bespoke service writing children’s books. I will write and illustrate them to your requirements.

I live in Wales not far from the countryside and the coast; in an idyllic little area known as Rumney. When I’m not writing or painting I work as a Housing Officer. In the past I have worked with the homeless and for four and a half years I worked as an Air Hostess. I am also a fully trained Nursery Nurse and have worked in Italy as a Nanny.

You may at this point be asking yourself, what led me to create The Magpie Fairy ©. I have a large garden and my favourite hobby, apart from writing and painting, is gardening and interacting with the many birds who visit.

A pair of magpies decided to take over the garden and they refused to let the smaller birds enter what they now considered to be their domain. This resulted in the death of a harmless little bird that I tried to rescue from the vicious attack of a magpie. I was too late to save the bird and he died while I comforted him. This action of mine set up a chain of events with the magpies that made me realize how intelligent and mystical they really are.

The Magpie Fairy book was born from my deep love and respect for the magpies. I also produce The Magpie Fairy cards, gift tags, wrapping paper, paintings and wall murals. I do all the aforementioned as a bespoke service and will tailor my paintings to suit your requirements.

My first book Raysun Fudge © is the story of very unusual cat, who in psychic circles would be known as a familiar. This Pedigree Bengal has a unique way of organizing and controlling her life and the lives of those around her. This book along with The Magpie Fairy can be purchased from my web site. The Magpie Fairy is about a nosey magpie whose soul contains a fairy. When Raysun Fudge and her owner move into a new locality the magpie and the fairy take it upon themselves to find out about the new neighbours. Although not published yet, The Magpie Fairy can be pre-ordered ready for delivery in winter 2010.


Artist History (written by my mother, Sheila Powell)

Penelope Rollinson was born in Cardiff and at 3 months old travelled with her parents aboard an Elder Dempster liner to Nigeria, West Africa, where her father was employed as a Chartered Civil Engineer, constructing and blazing a trail of roads through the bush.

Penny spent the first seven years of her life in Nigeria; her mother tutoring her at home, because at that time there were no schools available for the children of British workers in Northern Nigeria. The choice was boarding school in Britain at a very early age, or tuition at home.

It was an idyllic time with wall to wall sunshine and all the time in the world to play with her pet parakeet called Pickles, who perched on her shoulder and generally kept her company. Penny had a number of pet dogs, which included Sally and her puppies. The dogs spent a lot of time sleeping on the veranda, because it was so hot. Pickles had a favourite occupation, she would tippee-toe across the veranda to the sleeping dogs and peck their nipples, creating a lot of confusion and yelping, then she would fly to the nearest branch and keep out of the way. Pickles was completely free and not caged, though she did have a wooden cage without a door high up on the veranda wall where she would sleep at night. During the day she would wander about the compound then rush up to the veranda at about 9 am letting us know that Penny’s Dad was on his way home for breakfast.

When the time came to return to Britain, Penny wanted to take Pickles too. All the necessary paper work was completed, but, sadly, a week before departure a strange dog came into the compound and killed Pickles. Funny little Pickles, because Penny’s dogs were afraid of her sharp beak, she thought she was the leader of the pack and that all dogs were friends, so she stood her ground. It was a very, very sad day.

Penny was called ‘baby madam’ by George, the cook/steward, who doted on her. The small boy, Musa, who helped George clean the house, loved to look at the pictures in Penny’s books and try to read them.

Penny’s parents came back to Cardiff when Nigeria became independent. Penny and her sister then attended a private school until her parents moved to Croesyceiliog.

Penny’s working life has been varied and interesting starting as a Nursery Nurse working in Italy as a nanny, then as a Window Dresser working in various department stores, and then onto working with the homeless and finally travelling the world as an Air Stewardess. Now she is a Housing Officer.