Fairy Wish Letters

Getting your wishes and dreams down on paper for the fairies is an important and powerful affirmation that they will acknowledge. The wish can be for yourself or for someone you know. The fairies will work their hardest to make the wish come true in the best way possible.

Type or hand write the wish on any sort of paper, even a rough scrap torn from the corner of a page will do, it is the intent and the desire that are more powerful than the presentation. Place inside an envelope. The envelope can be shop bought or made by you (a piece of paper folded and glued around four sides will do).

One very important thing to remember, always enclose a gift inside the envelope. The gift can be a piece of fairy food (something you have made from my Fairy Recipe Book), sparkly fairy dust (buy glitter and tip it into the envelope), sequins, sparkly beads or buttons. Anything you know the fairies will love and treasure.

When the envelope is sealed and ready to send to the fairies, hold it close to your heart and imagine yourself in the middle of a fairy ring (similar to the photograph of my fairy ring in Buckinghamshire). When inside this imaginary fairy ring, walk around in a clock wise circle and say your wish out loud or inside your mind. Make your intent focused, positive and passionate. Thank the fairies and then bury the letter under a tree in your garden or in a wood. Preferably in a wood, due to the fairy presence being more powerful in a natural and unspoilt place.

 If you contact me with the wish you want, I will make a Fairy Wish Letter for you that will be blessed by The Magpie Fairy. I will include in the letter a piece of Fairy Ring Grass and Fairy Wishing Dust in the form of glitter and sequins. I will hand write your wish on plain paper and post it to you in another envelope, so you can bury your Fairy Wish envelope in a place of your choice.
The cost for this service will be £3, which includes P&P in the UK. P&P for other counties will cost extra.