Fairy Ring

The Oxford Dictionary says the Fairy Ring is a circular band of darker grass caused by fungi and attributed to fairy dancing.

Fairy Rings are traditionally made when fairies take up residence and their continual dancing creates a ring of grass. Often the ring is slightly misshapen, or with a bit missing, but all Fairy Rings grow for a reason. The grass ring that grew in my garden in Buckinghamshire first appeared in October 2005. I found great solace from the Fairy Ring and would go into the centre to ask for help and strength. I did have problems, but they were all resolved when I was given everything I had asked for, and as a result I am much happier and healthier.

I want to offer other people the chance to experience the same life changing magic, so I am selling grass cuttings from the ring, with two photographs (there is a limited amount of grass from the ring, due to the fact that I no longer live in the cottage and therefore no longer have access to the Fairy Ring) display the photographs in your house, office, or car to attract the fairies, who will listen to your deepest desires when you hold the dried grass. The dried grass holds all the elements of the fairies within each blade and it will be as powerful as entering the ring itself. All you have to do is to wish in your mind or out aloud for the things you most want and slowly your life will improve.

For a silk pouch of grass plus two photographs, it will cost £5 plus £1.99 P&P within the UK. If you wish to know more about my experiences with the Fairy Ring, please contact me using the contact form or ring 07950 595613.


Fairy Ring Fairy Ring Fairy Ring