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I breed beautiful guinea pigs with straight hair or hair with rosettes. They can be purchased for £18 each, plus carriage costs.

Guinea pigs are ideal pets for children or adults; they are inquisitive, friendly and very talkative, especially when in a group. My guinea pigs are all hand reared and used to human contact. 

Guinea pigs are very socially animals and are happiest when they have another guinea pig for company. They actually prefer to live in colonies and their antics are particularly interesting when they are in a group. They are prolific breeders, so unless you want baby guinea pigs, it is best to choose two or more of the same sex.

Guinea pigs love to be groomed and this helps you to build a bond with them. It is important to groom long haired breeds daily to keep their coats shiny and clean. Regular grooming can also help to highlight any health problems.

You can purchase indoor cages or outdoor hutches with runs for your guinea pigs. I can supply these or you can visit your local pet shop. The minimum size of a hutch should be 91cm wide x 61cm deep x 45cm high.

Your local pet shop will also sell dried food and hay for your guinea pigs. Guinea pigs also like small quantities of fresh fruit and vegetables daily and fresh water to drink.

My breeding guinea pig sows are:

Henrietta Harriet   Tin Tin
Henrietta-Harriet, ginger and white, long straight hair.   Tintin, white, long hair with rosettes.
Holly-Honey   Lucy-Sugar
Holly-Honey   Lucy-Sugar

My breeding guinea pig boars are:

Hamlet   Blackbeard
Hamlet, multi coloured, short straight hair.   Black-Beard, predominantly black with white and ginger, long straight hair.
Silver Feather   Mohawk
Silver Feather   Mohawk


Run Hutch and William

Guinea Pigs Guinea Pigs Guinea Pigs Guinea Pigs
Guinea Pigs William William William
Guinea Pigs Hamlet William William