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My first book Raysun Fudge © is the story of a very unusual cat, who in psychic circles would be known as a familiar. This Pedigree Bengal has a unique way of organizing and controlling her life and the lives of those around her. When Raysun Fudge’s owner becomes threatened by a manipulator of the black arts, this feisty cat used her magic to save her owner and undermine the enemy. A thought provoking read for teens to adults. Raysun Fudge © is part biography and part fiction, and can be purchased for £19.99 – plus p&p.

My second book The Magpie Fairy © is about a nosey Magpie, who has the ability to shapeshift into a fairy. When Raysun Fudge and her owner move into a new locality the magpie takes it upon himself to find out about the new neighbours. When the Magpie and the Bengal’s personalities clash, the sparks that fly cause more than a few concerns for all involved. Magic and mayhem that creates a fun read for children up to 9 years. Although not published yet, The Magpie Fairy © can be pre-ordered ready for delivery in summer 2010.