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Bespoke Work & Mandala Art

Bespoke Services

Cards (please refer to the card section above for prices)
Wall Murals
Mandala Art
Illustrated story books to include your child as a character in the story

Bespoke Wall Murals

I specialise in children’s themed bedrooms, but can create any themed room you require.
I use acrylic paints which are non-toxic and low in odour.
After an initial telephone consultation with the client, I will design the required mural on paper first before any work begins. When the design has been agreed, I will require a deposit to confirm the commission and then I will visit the client to discuss their full requirements. The walls to be painted with the design will be measured and the preparation of the walls will be discussed. The preparation of the walls will be included in the final quote.

The price for a wall mural will depend upon:

  • The number of walls to be painted
  • The size of the walls
  • The detail of the design (this will dictate the length of the completion time)
  • The preparation of the walls (stripping wall paper, painting a base coat, preparing skirting boards by washing, or sanding and re-glossing)
Example of the cost of painting a mural on a 10ft x 12ft wall or ceiling needing no preparation - £1000 plus travel expenses

Bespoke Paintings

A painting is the best present you could possibly buy for yourself or that special person in your life, whether they are your child, wife, husband, lover or friend. A painting brings immeasurable pleasure by adorning a room and creating an impression that will never be forgotten.

I will paint any size canvas or specialist water colour paper to suit your requirements. The artwork will be my original work and I will sign each painting.

The paintings can be delivered backed and mounted, or they can be delivered framed in wood, gold, silver or black. Framed prices on enquiry only. All framing will be done by The Frame Factory and Crescent Fine Art Collection (

Basic prices for paintings backed and mounted only:

A4 £289 - plus p&p
A3 £495 - plus p&p

Basic prices for canvases:

A4 £425 - plus p&p
A3 £655 - plus p&p
Please use the contacts details page to order

Mandala Art

You can create the life you want, your only stumbling block is the way you think. You become what you think you are; this limits your achievements and capabilities. Change your thinking and change your life.

I can help you achieve your goals and change your way of thinking through Mandala art. Mandala is the most sacred form of art. Mandalas were used in early Asian civilizations and in Shamanic practice for healing and creating a better and more productive way of life. In India Tantra, the Mandala is used for alchemy as well as meditation. It brings feelings and visions forward from the space within, messages that can make all the difference to our lives. Tantric Mandalas are also used to create a bridge for energy to pass through from one dimension to another. I create Mandalas using this conscious energy flow to manifest very powerful connections within the Mandala. This flow of energy sets processes in motion and when the energy is sustained or repeated it causes manifestation of the desired outcome. Understanding and trusting in this process makes all the difference in our lives.

The secret to manifesting is to create the right amount of energy to create the life you want. Drawing or making a Mandala consciously brings together all the scattered aspects of your life and this finds a centre which leads us to wholeness.

It is important to interact and connect with the Mandala everyday by meditating or simply looking at it regularly. Hang the Mandala on the wall or use it as a screen saver and this will fix the image and the energy contained within the Mandala permanently in your mind. Subconsciously the energy will work on your thought patterns and lead to the most amazing coincidences within your life that will lead to the changes you desire.

I create Manifestation Mandalas or Healing Mandalas at £100 per large canvas (36"x24") Mandala, £55 per small canvas (24"x18") Mandala or £35 per fabric and feather Mandala (this does not include P&P). The cost includes a consultation over the phone, or in person (if you visit me), or by letter if you prefer.

Mandala Art Mandala Art

Mandala Art Mandala Art

Mandala Art

If you want to read more about Mandalas, I recommend Mandala the Art of Creating Future by June-Elleni Laine and The Art of Being Psychic by June-Elleni Laine.

Bespoke Illustrated Story Books

These story books will include your child in the story and the illustrations. Make your child feel special and important by commissioning a book to be written about them. Your child will be the star of the story and I can include information about their hobbies, talents, school, pets, friends and siblings.

I will need background information on your child and up-to-date photos to work from. The artwork will be my original work and I will sign each illustration.

Prices will vary on the number of typed pages and the number of illustrations include in the book. The size of the book will also be a cost consideration:

Example: A5 sized book with 30 pages of text and 6 illustrations £350 - plus p&p
Please use the contacts details page to order